Matt M.

YORKIE PUPPY - GREAT SERVICE We’re very pleased with Great Yorkie home . The entire process was easy- no problems with service and communication. Delivery went well. Our Yorkie is healthy, happy, great disposition, well-adjusted.

Deborah B.

Love our puppy! We purchased our puppy during the corona virus pandemic. Great Yorkie home was great in helping facilitate delivery of our new puppy. He was healthy, and they provided us with so many "extras" to help him acclimate to a new home. I highly recommend Great Yorkie home!

Jennifer W.

Our new family member We had been looking for a local breeder for a Yorkie and could not find one that had any puppy’s available. Then we found Great Yorkie home Home. We found exactly what we had been looking for and the process was very easy to work thru. Even with the world shut down during the covid-19 Great Yorkie home was able to deliver her to us. They were very organized and professional thru the entire adoption. We are so in love with our new puppy, she has already brought so much joy to our home.

Alfred L.

Best Puppy Ever The Great Yorkie home process is simple and efficient. I had help with questions at any time. Shawn (now Ben) is an absolutely healthy, happy puppy. Our hat is off to this breeder. He was crate trained for sleeping the day he arrived and mostly potty trained in a week. We are thrilled to have Ben in our family and Great Yorkie home helped me choose him and got him here safely.

Teresa S.

Great Yorkie home is DEFINITELY the way to go! We had a great experience with Great Yorkie home ! The concierge was great and the breeder was experienced, kind, and very helpful through the process. We felt confident we had received a very well taken care of purebred, and our puppy is a perfect fit for our family! Wouldn't trade her for anything, and I highly recommend using Great Yorkie home for your new family member!

Lori B.

VIP Service from Great Yorkie home My family is extremely happy with our new Yorkie. Thanks to Great Yorkie home. Despite some pretty big challenges, Great Yorkie home really came through and delivered our puppy right to our door. Our puppy arrived healthy, happy and so sweet. I will be forever grateful to Great Yorkie home for helping my family find the perfect puppy.

Barry T.

I had a small alarm I had a small alarm ringing until Gracie was handed over to me at the airport. Since then I have been blessed with the most fantastic friend. Thank you so much for everything. I now know I shouldn't have waited so long to get another dog. She is a bundle of joy and has made me a new person.

Andre C.

Our 2nd Pup from Great Yorkie home My wife and I got our first Yorkie from Great Yorkie home in April 2016. And we just got her a sister named Jersey in April 2020! Both dogs are healthy, happy, and amazing! We couldn’t picture our family without them! We HIGHLY recommend Great Yorkie home Home for any furry friends you plan to add to your family!